US internet providers will soon need your permission to sell your data

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New rules passed by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will see the end of an era for internet service providers (ISPs), as they’ll soon be required to secure customers’ permission before sharing or selling their personal data to third parties. That covers sensitive information like your browsing history, location data, the apps you use, financial and health data, and the contents of your email correspondence. You’ll actually have to opt-in to allow ISPs to ...

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Florida Female Voters Face a Complicated Election Season

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For most of Amandia Craig’s adult life, there has been a black president. The 29-year-old mother of two and owner of her own beauty salon in Tampa, Florida says she feels she’s at a place in her life where she can appreciate the historic moment that could happen this November if Hillary Clinton is elected the first female president. “We rule the world anyway – why not? I don’t know why this is the first ...

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Newspaper: Olympic Swimming Star Michael Phelps Gets Married

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Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps, unbeknownst to the world, competed at the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil as a married man, having quietly wed his fiancée, former Miss California Nicole Johnson, weeks earlier, court records made public on Thursday showed. Phelps and Johnson, both 31, tied the knot in Paradise Valley, Arizona, on June 13, but have not publicly announced the nuptials, the Arizona Republic newspaper reported, citing a marriage document the paper published on ...

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La croissance attendue en légère hausse au 3ème trimestre

L’Insee dévoile vendredi sa première estimation de la croissance au troisième trimestre, qui devrait retrouver quelques couleurs après le repli inattendu de l’économie française au deuxième trimestre, mais probablement encore bien pâles. Après un démarrage en trombe, avec une hausse de 0,7% du Produit intérieur brut (PIB), l’activité économique a connu un véritable trou d’air entre avril et juin, dont l’ampleur n’avait pas été anticipée, ni par le gouvernement ni par les analystes: dans sa ...

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New Republican Pitch: Contain a Clinton Presidency

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In congressional races across America, Republicans are beginning to echo Democrats on a core assumption: Hillary Clinton will be president. With Donald Trump lagging in the polls, Republicans running for Congress are urging voters to elect them as a check on a Clinton presidency. Democrats, meanwhile, argue Hillary Clinton will need allies on Capitol Hill to enact her agenda. In a hotly contested Minnesota congressional district, Republican Stewart Mills all but concedes his party’s presidential ...

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